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Ice is important throughout every part of the fishing industry. From catching to packing, ice is used to keep fish at a consistent temperature. As soon as fish comes off of a fishing vessel, it is important that it is iced and cooled as soon as possible. Fish begins to deteriorate as soon as it dies, this means that, getting the fish on ice is a crucial step in ensuring your products will be safe for the customer and won’t be wasted. Ice Systems’ land-based ice machines means you can produce however much ice you need once the ship has docked and the fish are available. Chip or flake ice is used to cool produce down quickly and efficiently without causing any damage to the exterior of the fish. 

Allowing the fish to remain at a consistent low temperature keeps the quality of fish high and keeps it at a safe temperature for consumers to buy and eat. Creating your own ice allows you to ensure there are no contaminants in the ice which could then be passed onto the freshly caught fish. 

Located in Grimsby, at Ice Systems we have plenty of experience with customers using our ice machines for the preserving of fish and supplying ice to the docks, playing a crucial role in the area’s fishing industry. So, why not give us a call or fill in our online form today and we’ll be in touch to meet any ice machine requirements you may have for the fishing industry.

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