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Meat Processing

Meat Processing

Flake ice is best used as a substitute for water in the meat processing application. When creating meat products such as burgers and sausages, ice helps to bind all of the ingredients together whilst keeping everything cool and below a certain temperature. Flake ice can be treated like any other ingredient and added in as required. The ice flakes are gentle on machinery and binding blades, meaning that they won’t cause any damage in the long run to expensive equipment. The ice also has a melting behaviour which allows it to be evenly distributed throughout a mixture to create even cooling throughout. 

Flake ice doesn’t leave residue making it perfect for use during processing. For use in factories, Ice Systems have a number of suitable ice machines for you to keep on site, being able to produce up to 5,000kg of ice per day. At Ice Systems we have experience in working with clients in both the poultry and the meat processing industries. We are aware of the common requirements and our expert engineers can provide the best ice machine to suit your business. Why not fill in our online form or give our experts a call today.

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