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Abattoirs, animal by-products and pet food

Abattoirs, animal by-products and pet food

Ice Systems’ flake ice machines are used in the storage and transportation of hides. Often, we supply our flake ice machines to places that have traditionally used salt in the past.

We have many ice machines in the sausage casing sector. Again, flake ice is preferred by the big processors and our customers tell us that our flake ice machines produce a better quality of ice within this application over their old chip ice machines.

Ice Systems’ flake ice machines are also used within brine cooling and offal cooling; ideal for maintaining colour and freshness. This is very important to our customers and their clients.

For further information please give Ice Systems a call or fill in our online enquiry form. We are always more than happy to visit your site to discuss your project. Most of what we do comes from recommendations, not only for the quality or our machinery and the ice produced, but also the response of our aftermarket division when needed.

Before the delivery of either a purchased or rental ice machine, an engineer from Ice Systems will always visit your site to survey and discuss service requirements and airflow demands.

Why Use Ice Systems?

The benefits of using flake ice machines from Ice Systems; include the ice being completely dry to the touch, allowing each flake to remain separate. This ensures both easy handling and means that when the ice is being stored at low temperatures, the flakes won't fuse together and the individual flakes will still be able to mix evenly in mixtures. Having an ice machine on site means that ice can be made to meet demand, with machines with capacities ranging from 600 – 15,000kg of ice per 24 running hours.  

  • Flake Ice is subcooled when produced at -7°C.
  • Flake ice is dry to the touch, allowing each flake to remain separate without clumping or sticking together.
  • Can be stored at low temperature without degrading.
  • 24/7 service and support when needed. If under guarantee or under one of our service contracts, you will have an Ice Systems engineer on site if required within 24 hours of a phone call being made – Monday to Friday.
  • Buy, hire or lease from Ice Systems Ltd
  • Comprehensive product range. 25kg – 625kg per running hour capacity throughout the product range.
  • Quick delivery available on most machines within our range. If not the exact same capacity, Ice Systems Ltd will lend you a similar unit whilst your machine is being built to spec.

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