Flake Ice Machines






600 - 15,000kg

Per 24 running hours

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Flake Ice Machines

or Scale Ice

Subcooled to -7°C, Flake Ice feels dry to the touch. Just one of the qualities which makes it perfect for inclusion within recipes. Flake Ice machines are extremely popular with bakeries, meat and poultry processing and for fruit and vegetable hyrdocooling, flake ice is an extremely efficient product cooler.

Flat and thin, Flake Ice releases its cooling energy quickly, without leaving residue. When using ice within a bowl chopper, Flake Ice is kinder to blades and mixing equipment in comparison to Chip Ice.

Support frames for dolav and tote bins are available for all our Industrial Flake Ice machines. Sensors for both level and bin make our systems simple and efficient.

Our Flake Ice machines are industrial and simple to use. Ice Systems deliver, commission and offer full training on all installations.

We will always consider part exchange of old or redundant equipment, saving money and freeing up space for your new Ice Systems machine.

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    Best used for
  • Recipe inclusion/product cooling within dough production
  • Spin chiller applications
  • Casings and hide transportation
  • Industrial applications

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