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To ensure the freshness of vegetables and preserve the quality, they should be cooled straight from harvest in the field before they can be taken to chilled storage. The field temperature will raise the temperature of the vegetables meaning they will begin to deteriorate as soon as they are harvested. Some vegetables will experience weight loss when exposed to high temperatures. This is where a chip or flake ice machine from Ice Systems not only stops this but can prevent wilting by supplying moisture to the produce. By cooling fruits and vegetables with flake ice machines, you can stop the ripening of the produce any further, which could shorten the shelf life. This process also helps vegetables and fruit to keep their fresh colour, ensuring each vegetable is bright and colourful, down to the last pea. 

To ensure the vegetables remain at the same temperature until they are ready to be processed, storage containers can also be iced assuring that the product stays at a constant, cooled temperature. Flake or chip ice machines provide good cooling capabilities. Chip ice stays loose and individual, meaning they won’t clump together even when introduced into the warm sun. This allows for each vegetable to be evenly surrounded by ice, cooling at the same time.

For growers with a short harvest season, Ice Systems offer ice machine hire and rental, providing you with the same great benefits of ice during the harvest without having to store the ice machine when not in use. This also allows you to make regular monthly payments during the time you require the ice machine, rather than having to invest in a machine only in use for a short period each year. 

If, however you do wish to purchase an ice machine then this is also an option and at Ice Systems we are more than happy to come out to you and talk about any requirements you may have for both the storage and transportation of vegetables.

  • Annual service plans available
  • Training options for your staff
  • Fast delivery of your ice machine
  • REFCOM registered
  • Alcumus SafeContractor approved
  • Flake ice machines ranging from 5,000 to 15,000kg capacity per day.
  • Try before you buy

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