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When it comes to bakeries, keeping dough at a consistent, cool temperature is an important factor in producing high quality baked goods. Flake ice can be used throughout bakeries to allow processing to remain consistent throughout the year, without variations during the summer months.  

Cooling Capabilities

Ice has much better cooling capabilities than chilled water, making it ideal in the use of cooling down dough. Cooled to -7 degrees, flake ice can be added into the dough mixture to bring down the temperature. By adding the ice directly to the mixture, this allows for the dough to be cooled all the way through and not just on the surface. The structure of flake ice, flat and thin, allows it to melt quickly and evenly, releasing the cooling energy rapidly into dough mixtures. This will also reduce the risk of damage to mechanical mixers or blades, allowing you to consistently use this cooling down method without worrying about equipment being broken. 

Flake ice machines are ideal for small, medium and industrial scale bakeries where all of the ingredients are added manually or by automation. This gives you complete control of the temperature of your mixtures, the flake ice can be treated like any other ingredient and added in when needed. During the production of bread, ice helps to retard yeast growth, allowing the mixture to be properly controlled. The flake ice has good melting behaviour and will melt evenly throughout mixtures to provide an even cooling process. As bakers you will know the importance of using cold ingredients and keeping a cool environment when creating pastry dough, this is where flake ice can play a part in reducing the amount of heat present. 

Why Use Ice Systems?

The benefits of using flake ice machines from Ice Systems; include the ice being completely dry to the touch, allowing each flake to remain separate. This ensures both easy handling and means that when the ice is being stored at low temperatures, the flakes won't fuse together and the individual flakes will still be able to mix evenly in mixtures. Having an ice machine on site means that ice can be made to meet demand, with machines with capacities ranging from 600 – 15,000kg of ice per 24 running hours.  

At Ice Systems we provide the opportunity to both buy or rent ice machines for bakeries across the UK, Ireland and Europe. If you have a particular need, size or capacity requirement, why not get in touch, to discuss your application. 

  • Annual service plans available
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  • Fast delivery of your ice machine
  • REFCOM registered
  • Alcumus SafeContractor approved
  • Flake ice machines ranging from 5,000 to 15,000kg capacity per day.
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