Flake Ice Machine



Compact Flake Ice Machine producing 1,500kg of sub-cooled flake ice per 24 running hours.

Flake Ice temperature -7°C


  • Produces 60kg sub-cooled flake ice per running hour
  • Plug & play as standard - remove condensor is an option
  • Stainless steel lined evaporator
  • Stainless steel enclosure
  • HMI control panel with weekly programmable timer which also offers diagnostics on a clear touchscreen
  • Optional tote/euro support frame or dolav frame, each with level sensor and bin sensor
  • Big blue water filter system for machine protection
  • Available to buy or rent
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Operational Requirements Minimum Maximum
Air Temperature 10 °C 43 °C
Water Temperature 15 °C 38 °C
Water Pressure 1 bar 3.5 bar
Production per 24h: 1,500 Kg
Electrical Supply: 415V - 3PH+N+E
Electric Wiring: 5 cores 4 mm2
Current Rating: 16 A
Fuse: 16A
Sizes (W-D-H) In mm*: 1,325 x 1,050 x 1,100
Net Weight: 380 Kg

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