An Introduction To Ziegra And Geneglace Ice Machines

An Introduction To Ziegra And Geneglace Ice Machines

An Introduction To Ziegra And Geneglace Ice Machines

Friday 24 February 2023

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Here at Ice Systems we provide a great choice of new and used industrial ice making machines which can be installed to meet the needs of any business. Sometimes we have machines available which have been manufactured by the German firm Ziegra or the French firm Geneglace. This is because we will accept both Ziegra and Geneglace ice machines on a part-exchange basis when customers buy or rent a chip or flake ice machine with us. 



An overview of Ziegra ice machines and Geneglace ice machines



Based near Hannover in Germany, Ziegra has been a manufacturer of industrial ice machines for over five decades. Their ice machines are globally renowned, and have been used in over 160 countries. This family business’s unique know-how and engineering excellence mean that they are one of the world’s leading manufacturers – whether that’s smaller laboratory machines, medium sized machines for trade and processing, right up to large, fully automatic systems designed for use in industrial environments, including both chip and flake ice units.


Buying a used Ziegra ice machine can give you a cheaper alternative to buying a new machine, but you will still end up with the same great quality product. All of the Ziegra ice machines available from Ice Systems UK are fully stripped, rebuilt and serviced by our qualified and experienced engineers. You’ll get a great industrial ice maker and peace of mind of knowing you have something reliable, well built and ready to go.




Ice machine manufacture began in 1978 for this company based in western France. With a reputation for product quality and machine reliability, Geneglace ice machines all bear the Made In France label which complies with European, North American and Russian standards (as well as many other countries across five continents). As a world leader in flake ice production, storage and dispensing solutions, with various top quality machines designed for different purposes throughout the production process, you're sure to be impressed with any Geneglace unit.


Buying a used Geneglace ice machine gives you a cheaper alternative than a new machine - but you’ll still get a machine that can meet your business needs and provide you with the high quality ice you require. All of the Geneglace ice machines we have available at Ice Systems are stripped, rebuilt and serviced by our engineers so you can rest assured that you’ll have peace of mind knowing your machine is reliable and reconditioned to perform just as you need.



All of the Ziegra ice machines and Geneglace ice machines available from Ice Systems are sold on the basis of ‘as seen’ – so if you are interested in either part-exchanging or buying second-hand from us and have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. A member of our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you with your query.