Slurry Ice

Slurry Ice

Slurry Ice

Saturday 3 March 2018

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Slurry ice is a popular ice option. Many customers are reporting that finding a reliable source of slurry within this sector is not as straight forward as they might hope.

Ice systems already have an excellent reputation for research and development, and one of our current main areas of focus is slurry ice. Having been approached by a number of customers looking for a consistent and reliable source of slurry ice, we are now working on a number of ice options.

Slurry ice is favoured by fishing operations as not only does the semi-liquid consistency fill all cracks and crevices, but the readily available supply of salt-water makes it a particularly efficient way of cooling the catch.

James Armstrong, from Ice Systems said, We know that this is something that people want, and so we are using our experience and expertise in chip ice and flake ice to develop a vessel based product that will be reliable and sustainable."

Work is currently in process, but if you are interested in slurry ice solutions please get in touch and we can discuss your specific requirements.

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