Flake Ice Machine Installation

Case Study

Flake Ice Machine Installation

Sausage Factory Case Study, Yorkshire

Flake Ice Machine Installation 

Ice Systems has recently commissioned a flake ice machine at a large sausage production company in Yorkshire. The company contacted Ice Systems as it was looking for an ice solution, particularly sub cooled flake ice. Following the call, James Armstrong took the trip out to see them.

The company had been purchasing a quantity of ice to use in its bowl chopper application to help keep meat within the process temperature controlled. Following the meeting it was agreed that Ice Systems would supply a free demonstration machine and a 2 tonne flake ice machine was selected. The company will trial before deciding to rent or buy from Ice Systems; this particular company stated that renting a flake ice machine is much more cost effective for them.

In terms of financial benefits, renting a 2 tonne flake ice machine instead of purchasing pre-packed ice means that they will save approximately £2,000 to £2,500 per month! They will also benefit from higher quality, fresh ice instead of ice that has been frozen, melted during transport and then refrozen, allowing a more consistent and easier to handle product.

What’s more, the use of a flake ice machine on site instead of buying in packaged ice means that the company can be more environmentally friendly. Eliminating the need for plastic bags and cardboard boxes, all of which tend to end up in landfill. As well as the environmental effect of vehicles having to deliver ice to the production site and on-site coldstore space that would need to be available for storage.

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