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After meat has been processed at an abattoir, there are a lot of valuable by-products that can be used in many different industries. One such important product is animal hides. In creating leather, skin and hide must be kept in the best condition before it can be processed and made into the high-quality material we see every day. Ice Systems can provide flake ice machines to cool skin and hides for the production of leather. Flake ice can cool hides just after flaying, the ice allows the hides or skins to be cooled within a short period of time, this can be an alternative to salting. 

Popular across Europe, skin and hides may have to travel a long distance before they can be manufactured. Any hide that needs to travel must transported with care. In the past, salt has been used to maintain and preserve cow hide whilst in transit however, more and more companies are turning to ice as amore ecological alternative. Flake ice is used to preserve the hide’s quality and colour. The hide is packed using the flake ice, with the delicate ice being able to fully surround the product.

The temperature in which the hides are stored at depicts how long they can be preserved. Using ice and keeping hides in insulated store rooms, allows for the best results in preservation. This will allow for the colour and quality of the hides to be the best it can be allowing the hide to preserve colour and not dull during travel. In turn, this will make a high quality of leather or material at the end. 

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