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Second hand Ziegra Ice Machines

Second hand Ziegra Ice Machines

When you purchase or rent from Ice Systems, we will consider taking old or redundant flake or chip ice machines in, even our competitors; Geneglace and Ziegra in part exchange.

These machines are normally scrapped as repairing them would be uneconomical. Often though, our experienced engineers will strip and rebuild these units. These are then sold as a functioning, cheaper alternative.

Many of these ice machines arrive into our warehouse as part exchanges. All competitors ice machines are sold on the basis of “sold as seen” and without warranty. Any inspection or trial welcome at our premises in Grimsby. 

Units currently in stock;

  • Three Ziegra UBE 1.000 Industrial Chip Ice Machines.
  • Two Ziegra UBE 1.500 Industrial Chip Ice Machines.
  • One Ziegra UBE 3.500 Industrial Chip Ice Machines.
  • One Ziegra ZBE 1.000 Flake Ice Maker.

If you are interested in any of our in-stock items or have a second hand Ziegra ice machine yourself, that you would like to replace please contact us for more information on 01472 267524.

Please call Phone Icon+44 (0)1472 267524 for more info or

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  • Cheaper alternative
  • Recently stripped, repaired and rebuilt

Before & After

Second hand Ziegra Ice Machines before
Second hand Ziegra Ice Machines after

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