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Geneglace Industrial Ice Machines

Geneglace Industrial Ice Machines

Geneglace or Gea as they are sometimes called, are manufacturers of large-scale industrial flake ice machines. These machines are predominantly used within the food industry.

As with Ziegra many companies purchase from Geneglace and find that after a time their machine becomes uneconomical to maintain. Rather than scrap these flake ice machines, Ice Systems can offer part exchange. 

A cheaper alternative to new ice machines, second hand Geneglace or Ziegra industrial ice machines are perfect for those working on a budget. However, please be aware that all ice machines are sold on the basis of “sold as seen” and without warranty. Any inspection or trial welcome.

Current units in our warehouse awaiting rebuild include;

  • One Geneglace Pack 30, a complete flake ice machine.
  • One Geneglace Pack 22, a complete flake ice machine.

If you are interested in either part-exchanging or buying a second hand Geneglace flake ice machine then please get in touch on 01472 267524. 

Please call Phone Icon+44 (0)1472 267524 for more info or

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    Best used for
  • Seafood preservation
  • Industrial food processing

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