Ice Machines, Containerised

Ice Machines, Containerised

Ice Machines, Containerised

Sunday 17 December 2017

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Housed in a 20ft or 40ft container and capable of producing between 10tons and 20tons per 24 hours of either chip or flake ice. The package can be mounted above a second container which acts as storage.

As they are fully contained they are easy to deliver to difficult or remove areas and all that is needed for installation is a source of water and a suitable power supply.

The containerised units are ideal for services in remote locations where it is essential to have a consistent and reliable ice supply. James Armstrong, from of Ice Systems said, Take, for example, some of the ports and harbours in Scotland; they are in very remote locations, but they use a lot of ice and rely on a consistent service. If something catastrophic happens and suddenly their ice machine's down they’re going to lose a lot of custom. Either the fishermen won't come into that port or they're going to be massively penalised.

In that situation, they can call us and we can very quickly deliver a self-contained solution to get them back up and running – All we need is a power supply and a source of water.

The containerised ice machines are available to buy, or on long or short term hire. To find out more about Ice Systems’ containerised ice solutions, please contact the company by phone or email.

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