Flake Ice Machine Installation

Case Study

Flake Ice Machine Installation

Vardø, Norway

A Flake Ice Machine Installation 

Always ready to deliver above and beyond for the customer, Ice Systems travels to the most easterly part of Norway in its latest installation.

A major seafood company contacted Ice Systems regarding the rental of not one but three flake ice machines for its site in the oldest town in Northern Norway and the easternmost part - Vardø. Not keen to walk away from an opportunity, Ice System’s James Armstrong personally flew out to discuss the requirements and carry out a site survey. A deal was struck and three machines where sent via dedicated transport.

Two Ice Systems Engineers then flew out to Vardø in order to install and commission the three flake ice machines. A trip that should have lasted Wednesday to Saturday saw the team stuck in Norway until the following Wednesday due to the vast snow fall and poor weather preventing any flights taking off, as you can see from some of the pictures on the right!

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